My English A10 students created videos using Animoto. The students had to choose a social issue, do research on the issue, and then collect photos that pertain to the issue. Finally, using , the students put everything together to create their videos!
The website is very user-friendly. You are limited to the amount of characters you used in a text box, however, so be sure to teach your students to be concise with their wording!


My English A10 students created a Glog, which is an online, interactive poster. The students were to choose a person who has faced adversity in his or her life. The students then had to research the person, find photos, videos, etc. Then, using , the students created a poster - a "snapshot", essentially, as there was an essay component with the assignment as well - that depicted the adversity that the chosen person had to overcome.

Glogster is a nice change from the more-traditional, Bristol Board poster. Furthermore, Glogster enables students to upload videos to their Glog as well -- a great way to incorporate information that may not be able to be displayed on a piece of paper!

Poll Everything:

My English B10 students used Poll Everything to do class polls that were based on themes in Macbeth. Poll Everything allows the teacher to create a poll in just a few seconds (literally). You simply need to type in your question and leave it open if you want the answers open-ended, or type in possible answers if you want the poll to have options. Then, students text a number (assigned by the website) with their response and their answers show up on the screen in live-time!

I used to do this same activity as an anticipation guide. The students would circle, on a piece of paper, answers to a series of "agree/disagree" questions and then we would discuss their answers as a whole group. This time, I asked the exact same questions but used Poll Everywhere and I found the students were MUCH more engaged!