I have spent a fair bit of time incorporating the use of technology into my classroom this year with the hope of strengthening student engagement and permitting real world connections for students. Here are some of the things I've tried.
1- We began the semester by reviewing and discussing the elements of digital citizenship. Below are the discussion prompts that we followed.

2. I have tried a variety of projects that incorporate the use of social media & various forms of technology into the classroom.

Pinterest project for novel study

3. I created a class twitter account, having seen how well that worked in another classroom. I am hoping to increase student participation and make them aware of their digital footprint. See below for the link or scan the QR code.
Class Twitter account for Mme Bowes
4. I created a classroom blog that is teacher-directed. Students may access it for assignments, or help with French language questions. I try to link the instructional content to the blog through the use of dropbox. See below for the link or QR code.
Mme Bowes' blog - Vive le Français!
5. I have used YouTube in a variety of ways to deliver pre-instructional information to students or to provide examples of material being studied.
YouTube playlist for IB French World Issues
YouTube playlist for IB French Social Relationships
YouTube playlist for Fr 30 Novel study //L'intouchable aux yeux verts//
YouTube playlist for French culture & Cajun culture
YouTube playlist for Science 10 & Sustainability

6. Finally, I have tried to use QR codes to create a scavenger hunt for students.
QR Code Questions
QR Code Questions & Answers
This is the site I used to create the questions and answers and it was easy and free!
I also tried QR Voice that allowed me to create a French voice with questions for students.
QR Voice Activity

These were some of the benefits that I discovered through the use of technology:
  • Students were active learners, moving around the school in their pursuit of answers.
  • Students were more engaged as they connected their own learning with social media and tech tools that were engaging to them.
  • Students were able to use technology responsibly and make reflections on their digital imprint and the responsibilities of digital citizenship.
  • Students participated actively as they tweeted connections about the text being studied.
  • Students learned how to select appropriate methods of presentation and were able to vary from more traditional media.
  • Students were connected with cultures and language around the world