During a flexible grouping arrangement in grade nine math, one group of students worked with technology with teacher Mr. Duffield and the other two groups worked with manipulators.

The group used the site xtranormal to create a video on fractions. The video can be viewed here.

Teachers can use YouTube in the math classroom to discover and access instructional videos and material. This can be used for introduction to a concept or as a flipped teaching model.

For the senior math, teachers can access Khan Academy. This can also be used for introduction to a concept or as a flipped teaching model.

These sites are starting points for students and provide a road for them to become involved in technology. They can access these sites at any time that is convenient for them.

For differentiated instruction, I have used the IXL program (www.ixl.com). This is useful in elementary and up to grade 9.

The program permits teachers to:
- meet the learning outcome indicators from SaskLearning
- identify areas of weakness
- receive immediate reports and updates (provide immediate feedback to students and teachers)

It allows students to:
- work at their level
- learn about new topics or strengthen and reinforce previously taught concepts
- work from home or on their own time
- become engaged through the use of technology

Students in the grade nine class also used technology to create logos: