I have integrated different types of technology, in my class French Immersion and Spanish classrooms. The technology has been used in a meaningful way with my students. By using different types of technology, it has been helping the students engage in their own learning!

The types of technology I have used in my languages classroom are: Glogster Twitter Animoto U Tube Google Docs Xtranormal Skype in the Classroom Remind 101 Safe text via Teachers & students and My classroom Blog
Successes with technology:
-Students have come out of their comfort zones.
-Students have embraced the technology and have used it wisely in the classroom.

Samples of students work: Spanish Gates Blog
Sample 1 : Movie Maker
-Me duele project (Movie maker)
Sample 2 : Skype in theClassroom
Skype is a free and easy way for students and teachers, to open up their classrooms to other classrooms around the world. As a language teacher, I can meet other teachers and students who strive to learn a 2nd or 3rd language. Skype can also be used in other classroom subject areas for educational purposes.
Sample 3 : Glogster
Mi Familia project (Glogster)
Sample 4 : U Tube
-La Ropa project (U Tube)
Sample 5 : & Movie Maker
-Mi Libro de Memorias
Sample 6 : Remind 101
Remind 101 ia a safe way for teachers to text their students in regards to homework or assignments.
Observations of how technology impacted learning and students engagement:
In both my French Immersion and Spanish classes, when technology is used, it creates an environment where students are more engaged in the learning process. By using different types of technology (and many sneaky innovative ways to get them to be creative) it has led to improved learning and teaching.
-Students are more responsive to the learning process when given the opportunity to be creative with their learning.
-Encourages contact between the student and teacher. May it be via Twitter, text; it’s creating an educational bond.
-Creates and encourages active learning
-Promotes different talents and ways of learning in the classroom.
A story about an individual for whom the use of technology made a huge difference:
Three students of mine have completely come out of their shells while using technology. Those students, who have been shy to do presentations in front of the class, have blossomed when they have had the opportunity to present by Movie Maker, U tube and Glogster.
Obstacles & barriers I have had to overcome to make projects work:
-Facebook can be used in creative ways (Blocked)
-Computer labs & lap Top carts not always available for student use.
-Some students do not have internet on their cell phones.
What I would do differently next time:
--Encourage and use blog more frequently.
Examples of technology integration in the classroom:
1. I have created a classroom blog: Mme Gates' Spanish Blog
2. I have encreased student engagement by trying different forms of technology, such as Skype in the Classroom, My classroom Blog, MovieMaker, YouTube, Twitter, Glogster, Remind 101 and Animoto.
3. I have a BYOD policy in my classroom that permits students to use their own technology to enhance their learning.
4. I have created 2 Educational Twitter accounts for my classes.
Spanish Gates Twitter
Madame Gates Twitter