My student's have been studying live theatre and have been incorperating technology into the following assignment given below.If you would like a copy of this assignment click here


This assignment can be adapted and integrated into an English, French, Spanish or Social Studies class based on the content that is being taught. Students could use Window Movie Maker to edit their recorded footage. This program is offered on all of the computers at Thom Collegiate. It is accessible to all staff and students if they are interested incorperating technology into their subject area or assignments. Some of my students used Window Movie Maker. I also allowed students to bring their own devices such as i-pads, labtops and i-phones. This provided students with more of an opportunity to work with certain programs or software they were familiar with outside of school. This is a good resource tool that allows students learning process to begin. Students work collaboratively as well as indpendently.

After you have gone through the assignment/guide I gave my students click onto my class blog below. This will take you to one of my students blog page. You will get to see the process of her work reflected throughout her blog as well as her demo reel that she uploaded onto her blog.

Here is a link to our class blog


If you have any questions about this assignment or need help getting started e-mail me at or