I've had the luxury of taking a number of grad classes based on educational technology and these have led me to question how I can implement technology in a more meaningful way. I have created wikis and blogs and assigned projects implementing numerous tools like Glogster, Flickr, Animoto, Google Docs, etc. Although these have been fantastic in terms of making an engaging final product, I have been searching for something that will help to affect the process of learning. I’ve recently begun experimenting with the flipped classroom and this has provided me with an opportunity to use technology as a means of reaching students that, for a myriad of reasons, are not successful in the established educational approach. Whether this is due to missing large amounts of instructional time or simply not being engaged, I have found that technology provides students with an opportunity to interact with the class content in another fashion. I have created a class Twitter account which has been used to post course materials, instructional videos and responses to student work, and this has not only allowed students who have missed class to keep up, but has also sparked a more personalized response to the content. Students have taken to this approach and from my perspective, it has been immensely useful to provide more individualized support during time with students.

The Thom Technology Catalyst has been an invigorating experience and I look forward to continuing to develop to ensure we are providing students with the most innovative, engaging experience possible.

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